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Branding Strategist dedicates to help entrepreneurs developing their personal brand strategies. 12 years of experience working with clients in the USA, Canadá, Japan, Singapore, México, and Colombia. 

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Aspects to build or improve your personal brand


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Aspects to build or improve your personal brand (for Online entrepreneurs)


Working with some clients from different countries in the process to develop their personal brand. Before creating a logo or visuals to communicate, is very important to keep in mind these tips that will help you to build your brand.


People trust recommendations from individuals over brands.

That's totally true! Before to get a new product or services usually people check all reviews made by real people. They re more able to listen when it comes from a friend than a corporation. Now I ask you. When are you looking for a referral, who do you ask? In my case, I ask my friends, colleagues because they have already personal experience and can give you truthful recommendations.

Get the right and real audience using your voice.

Your voice reflects your personal brand and the perception that you can get from others. It's an opportunity to connect and grow your tribe. How can you do that? think and define yourself using adjectives that describe you as fun, friendly. Also, you can ask others how they feel when they listen to you. 

Each person has a unique personality as your brand = Make a difference from your competition

Even from the same area. Each person has different points of view, lifestyle, personal experiences, personalities, knowledge, and passions that make them unique. What makes you stand out? Think about your qualities and emotional attributes that define you.

Become an opinion leader or expert in your field

How can do that? Focus in your micro area, keep learning, research, practice write and share your knowledge starting with people around you. Be active on social media, contribute value as much possible and build your reputation based on recommendations from people who you work

Be specialized in one area

The Internet has a lot of noise. Don’t pretend to be like others or if you know everything. When you specialize in using your personal brand you can provide more value and get a higher perception of authority in the marketplace and get better networking opportunities. 

Share valuable content

Give more than people expect from you. Share your expertise, listen, help and give useful advice. You don't know who can become your potential client. When you are creating some contents think if is: Findable, Readable, Understandable, Actionable and Shareable

Choose the right social channels where are your client area

Don't pretend to be active in all social media platforms (a least if you hire someone to help you), takes time and you can get tired. Look where your potential clients are more active and go there and share your expertise and grow your personal brand

Networking events where you can share and lead from leaders of your industry
Try to learn from the experts in your area Collaborate with other entrepreneurs. When you become activated you can get opportunities to collaborate.

I’ve created this free printable.  You can keep in mind to achieve what you want using your personal brand.

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