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Branding Strategist dedicates to help entrepreneurs developing their personal brand strategies. 12 years of experience working with clients in the USA, Canadá, Japan, Singapore, México, and Colombia. 

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This is why I came to Japan


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When I start to talk to someone, usually ask me the same question: Why are you living in Japan?



Now I want to share my story. Originally I'm from Bogotá - Colombia. In my life NEVER I imagine living in this part of the world, but I can say the God`s plans are perfect and he only knows how will be it. 


10 years ago I meet a Japanese guy and become friends, he came to Colombia and I showed him my country proving that Colombia is amazing and is not only violence as people watch on TV.


So, 5 years the love came to our hearts and we decided to take the next step: Get married. That's is the begin of this new chapter in my life, where I had to start again like adapt to a new culture, language (still learning Japanese), married life leaving everything in Colombia family, friends, work, etc. (Off course I love and miss them, they occupied a big part of my heart).

At the beginning was not easy because I got out completely from my comfort zone but now I can say: Thanks to God! because I could start to learn a new stuff, develop my creativity and continue to work as Graphic Designer.

The first month in Japan, I wanted to continue to work with my offline clients, but the time zone was a problem for us (14 hours of difference!) and I couldn't work with them as I wanted. Also here, I didn't have any chance to get a job in an office because I couldn't speak the language, my husband supported me a lot but I wanted to continue to look how I can start my business from zero (my parents taught me the importance to be an independent woman).

So,  I started to look some platforms as 99designs and I won some contest, this makes me feel motivated because was my first time working for international clients and I discover with the internet you don't have an excuse to create your business. I decide to study, make some marketing courses and learning from amazing persons discovering that is possible to create a business based I what you love to do and in my case is the brand design and to teach.


The beginning to create an online business being as a solo entrepreneur is not so easy. Needs time, focus, and struggle with different situations in my case how to develop my website that reflects that I want to share, looking at the best tools, investing and sometimes losing money. (i spend two years testing ). But is not impossible, after that I can say I have my online business as I wished.

Now after 3 years I feel more mature and I learn that everything has a process and the most important: Take action